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Re: Won’t You Take Me To…

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

We meet another new character, and our second female character in today’s strip. I also don’t mind telling you that new characters are to come, most of which Amu should have the chance to make this weekend. We’ll have plenty of time to work on things.

Yep. We’ll be at Balticon as webcomics guests. I’m very nervous and excited to be representing myself and the comic for the first time at a con. I’ll be doing my first official panels and I’m ready to go and meet people and try to get folks reading the comic. If you’re going, stop by and say hello. If not, don’t worry. We’ll have photos and stories and other things to share.

In addition to that, once we’re back from the con we should have some things up for sale somewhere in case you want some Amu’s World merch or just want to support the comic. Thanks again for reading!