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D&D For Free?

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Well, not precisely, but this is a step in the right direction for the makers of my favorite game ever. On Tuesday, Wizards of the Coast announced they’re providing the previously published Keep on the Shadowfell adventure as a free downloadable “Test Drive” of the new D&D 4th Edition rules. I can’t say how happy I am that they’re doing this.

In prior incarnations of the Dungeons & Dragons game there’s always been a Starter Kit of sorts. It usually came in a box with booklets containing quick start rules, the adventure to be run, and a set of dice. Also, you had to pay for it. Paying what was no small price to TRY a game to see if you like it is counter intuitive in today’s Free Content driven economy, but it was the nature of the beast back in the day.

In face, I bought this adventure when it first came out. I paid money for an official published adventure that happened to come with quick start rules, as this module was published prior to the core rulebooks hitting the shelves. It allowed gamers looking forward to 4th Edition to dive right in. Taking this into consideration I don’t feel slighted by the decision to make this content free at all. I think it’s a brilliant idea that can only help people who may not give D&D a shot give the game a chance.

If you’ve been on the fence about D&D 4th Edition, or maybe D&D and gaming in general, head on over and download this free Test Drive to explore the game that started role-playing games. You would have never had Final Fantasy, or Dragon Quest, or Shadowrun, or Vampire: The Masquerade at all if it weren’t for D&D. Know your roots. Play D&D.