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Spikey F-List

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

It isn’t often I consider the Celebrity F-List. It generally only pops in my brain when someone else mentions it, and then I am forced to stop, remember who was on it, evaluate and consider the status of the ‘elite’ (yeah, right) members of said list and revise. I don’t have it printed or listed anywhere, and I certainly don’t have it laminated.

I was forced into this ritual again just today by a local-ish webcomicker who I read and who has been friendly and helpful as I try and poke along with getting my own little comic going. Aulix is the creator of the webcomic The Glass Urchin. It’s a sort of biographical webcomic with an adorable twist. All characters, who I assume are actual people, are represented by cute animals. Aulix, herself, is represented by a hedgehog.

Incidentally, Amu is a gigantic fan of hedgehogs. In fact, Dylan, Amu’s first and favorite Blythe doll, wears this hedgehog dress all the time. So cute! Also, while you’re checking out The Glass Urchin, which you should absolutely do, be sure you look at this strip on the love of comics. It’s adorable, authentic, and so very true.

Oh, and my celebrity F-List? Yeah, that’s a secret.