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Frontalot Saves Vs. Poison

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Bad habits are hard to break. Shoot, habits PERIOD are hard to break. Some are harder than others, and I hear smoking’s just about the top of the list. Wouldn’t know personally, as I’ve never smoked. Any bad habit I HAVE quit, I’ve generally done cold turkey. Easier for me to not do it than to ween. I’m not a weener.

This said, perhaps if I had some awesomely nerdy and fun gaming mechanic for weeing myself off an addiction. What’s that? MC Frontalot has devised JUST such a mechanic? Sweet crap nugget! That’s so convenient.

Detailed in THIS BLOG POST, MC Frontalot notes his system for quitting smoking designed with a hardcore pen and paper gamer’s sensibilities in mind. So whether you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, slapping random children, or anything at all just have a d20 with you and remember to roll high. Nat 20’s all up in this business.