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This Is A Tribute

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

So it appears I’m not as up to scratch on gaming news as I may have thought. Seems some news slipped by me and now I’m late to the game. This is odd, because not only is it one of Amu’s favorite franchises, but we’ve got an homage character from the game in the strip

Katamari Damacy Tribute will be making its way to the PS3, umm, sometime. I remember when we first heard about the game on G4’s Pulse (I think) back before Kevin Pereira went from cool, witty, dorky guy to smarmy, trendy, frat-like guy. He’s still one of the better things on that horrid, SpikeTV Junior channel (sorry, that’s pretty much what G4’s become), but we liked him better prior to the ‘cool guy’ ego.

At any rate, we’ll be keeping an eye on this as it gets closer to release, and if I’m lucky I’ll have a PS3 by then.