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Hey Ninja

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

When going over names for the comic, the main point we wanted to focus on is that the characters are handmade by Amu. We also understood that we’d need a name where we could get an appropriate URL. When deciding on Amu’s World, I grabbed the domain and forwarded it along to where the comic’s hosted. Since punctuation of the sort that involves apostrophes isn’t possible in a domain name, we just went with spelling it out.

It was later brought to our attention that a simple mistaken letter could send potential visitors to another type of website entirely, where upon much hilarity may ensue. Hilarity, or the startling realization that someone’s made a terrible mistake. It never clicked, and the thought never crossed my mind as I’d set everything up. Enter the new domain for the comic:

The comic will still be titled Amu’s World, but from this point on is your point of entry (so, so subtle) for the comic. Thankfully we haven’t done much in the way of paper advertising, so we don’t need to have anything reprinted.

This awkwardness is brought to you by the letters A, M, S, and the number 6.02×10^23.