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Photo Phriday 7

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

After missing a week, I promised myself to step up my game to make up for it. This week’s photo involves crocheted fighting action! This is just an experiment and a tease for what’s to come. Within the month of January there WILL be action scenes in introduced to the story. With luck, I can pull these off without seeming too corny.

Val, the giant squid, has kidnapped Ninja’s only friend in Amitown.

Howdy Johnny Wander Peeps

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

So I’m at work, see, just going through the paces and Marty from Art Fight High School says I might want to check my traffic. Instant anxiety. I’m pretty new at this whole shebang, so you all seem to have caught me in the midst of figuring it all out. Welcome. I hope you find it as fun to look at as it is to make.

I’ve told Amu about all of the eyeballs and she’s tickled silly. If you’re going to be at Katsucon, check out the Art Auction for some of Amu’s amigurumi, as she’ll have at least a couple of things for sale there. We should also have some posters out and about, so be sure to look for them if you’re at the convention.

Thanks Ananth and Yuko for the mad pimpage. It was great to see you guys be awesome at December’s Super Art Fight show. I really hope to see you guys around sometime, and maybe I’ll find a way to get the butterflies out of my gut and say Howdy in person.

Photo Phriday 8

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Slowly recovering from yesterday’s panic over an unexpected surge in traffic (thanks again, guys), I set to brainstorming what to do for this week’s photo. I am committed to making Photo Phriday for amigurumi ONLY, so for inspiration I went rummaging through old crocheted dolls that Amu had made in the past.

Meet Lil’ Baphomet. Baphy was made for one of Amu’s first shows outside of the convention scene where she was selling her amigurumi. This was the precursor to the Creative Alliance‘s Merry Mart show, and took place in an art gallery in Fell’s Point. She was selling some of her first amigurumi ninjas there as well.

Lil’ Baphomet came about as a joke, for at the time we were discussing our favorite Chick Tract. It stuck, and there he was. She never did sell him, but he represents what’s left of our first non-convention show.

High Thirteen!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

As I fumble around trying to teach myself photography, I’m noticing more and more how large a part Photoshop plays in professional work. Sometimes it’s small, subtle fixes or other minor changes. Sometimes it’s a day or two’s worth of intense modification. As I begin to summon forth the bravery to learn some of these techniques myself, what I’m most interested in is avoiding making the types of flagrant errors that can be found on Photoshop Disasters.

via Photoshop Disasters.

Now while not a photo, this illustrates the type of mistake I’d like to avoid making. I choose this particular post because I’ve played Left 4 Dead, and it’s hectic/scary enough on its own. Throw a dozen plus fingers on one hand belonging to the only female protagonist and I don’t know whether to run in fear or get excited.

A Moon Man Named Zoom

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Yesterday was an interesting day. The morning began with me waking up late, experiencing a 10 minute delay on the subway resulting in getting to work late. While we’re on the topic of work, yesterday also happened to be the day that a monstrous amount of work had to be done that day, period, no exceptions. Oh, and it also happened to be my birthday and I sort of had the closest thing to a quarter to mid-life crisis I’ve ever had.

Now mothers are a special breed of people. They intrinsically know when something a little extra is needed. She’d already said her ‘happy birthday’ to me earlier in the day, but I got a call later yesterday evening that made up for everything else that day. She played my birthday song over the phone.

Back in the 80s we had this flimsy plastic record my mother would play every year, often when I least suspected it. She’d have the record player all set up and when I wasn’t paying attention she’d just turn it on. I’d sigh and roll my eyes as rockets shot off through the speakers and a squeaky alien-like voice would sing, “My name is Zoom, and I live on the moon, but I came down to earth just to sing you this tune.” They had one for just about every standard and typical American name, but I was the only one of my siblings who got to hear this record.

Time went on and eventually the record was lost. Despite being embarrassed every time she’d play it, I missed that little voice wishing me a happy birthday. Well it turns out that as mothers go, mine’s pretty resourceful. It seems the song’s been re-recorded and put on a CD, which my mother bought, and played for me. I’d never been so happy to hear that goofy song.

If you’re interested, here’s where you can get your own, and here’s a site that compares the two different versions.

For anyone who cares, and can play WMA files (moms can rip songs and, though I swear walking her through switching the format to MP3, e-mail the WMA file to me), here’s mine in its entirety: WMA

She’s Crafty

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

If there’s a word I’d never leave out describing what Amu‘s like, it would be ‘crafty.’ Whether it’s crocheting, knitting, sculpting, sewing, or wood turning she’s always up to creating something with her hands. We know she’s not alone.

Last week, Amu got an e-mail from someone asking if it would be alright if they made their own Ninja. And you know what? Darned right, that’s alright! In fact, if you’re into crafts of any sort and want to make your own Ninja, or maybe a member of the Bunny Peep Gang, we’d love to see what you do. Just send us a photo of what you’ve done so we can see how awesome you are, and if you give us permission to do so we’ll post it here for everybody to marvel at your crazy crafty creativity.

So if you crochet, knit, draw, design, scrapbook, or anything else, we’d love to see what you can do with amu’s characters. So go ahead Amitowners, get your craft on!

Photo Phriday 9

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The economy’s rough, and for some far more than others. Amu and I have been relatively lucky, but we’re just on the cusp of having to cut down on some things in order to avoid bad money mojo. And if you thought the citizens of Amitown were any safer, well guess again.

It looks like Ninja’s had to take up some side jobs, including doing someone else’s laundry. Sure, it’s a pretty crap job, but it helps put sashimi on the table.

Now Headlining

Monday, January 19th, 2009

In my travels across the internet, I occasionally find some neat things. Sometimes some very awesome internet bits and bobs find themselves coming to me. The best case scenario is that I’M the source of all the awesome, but that’s going to be difficult to do now that there’s Headline DS.

Webcomic pal Jamie Noguchi, artist for Erfworld and blogger of the awesome, has been putting his Nintendo DS to work everyday as he illustrates a headline from a daily paper.

It’s daily art, done on a DS, that you get to watch unfold before your eyes. Jamie’s clever and witty sense of humor lend themselves well to this sort of project. You need to be checking it out all the time. Really.

So I’d been pestering Jamie to draw me some Headline DS Dr. Doom for a while now, and isn’t this timely:

That’s for MEEEEEEE!